Sunday, 11 February 2018

Inside Job exhibition at Tate Modern

Press Release

Inside Job is a group exhibition taking place on Level 6 of The Blavatnik Building at Tate Modern on Saturday April the 7th (10am until 10pm) and Sunday April the 8th (10am until 6pm).

Pablo Picasso once claimed: “Give me a museum and I will fill it” The staff at Tate may not have been given their own museum but, for one weekend only, they’ve been given level 6 of Tate Modern’s Blavatnik building to do with as they please.

Inside Job features paintings, prints, videos, installations, light boxes, photography, cartoons and textile art. There will be work from people of very different ages and backgrounds – some artists have been to the best art colleges, won awards or received rave reviews in the press – other people showing have never exhibited before and in some cases are making work for the first time since school.

Inside Job is a show that visitors can discover a little more about the wonderful diverse creative staff who work at Tate, and how as an employer Tate attracts people, who find great pleasure in arts and crafts themselves.
It will bring together Tate's varied departments, its visitors and its staff. Find out what the person who hands you your cloak room fob does in his or her own time? And discover what history of their life is reflected in the things they create?

Above Image: "Always Yes" by Ed Hadfield who works at Tate Modern's Member's Bar.

Above Image: "Untitled" by Klarita Pandolfi-Carr who works as an Information Assistant at Tate Britain.

Above: Wilkay (from the Tate Britain bookshop) in front of his drawing "More Friends"
AboveAlice Ellis Bray from Tate St Ives wearing her Ghost Dance Dress.

For more info or images contact Inside Job's press person Harry Pye
by texting 07951189885 or:
The image of money that we use in the poster and on our flyers is by Corey Samuel of The Tate Modern bookshop.

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