Wednesday, 20 December 2017

The Family Bucket reviewed by Harry Pye

The Family Bucket

Live at The White Hart, 184 New Cross Road

I could be wrong but, although The Family Bucket were first on the bill, it seemed the majority of the crowd tonight were here to witness their live debut rather than see  Lucy, Henry’s Face or the headline act Mandy.

The Family Bucket are a punky three piece straight outta Coventry. They seem pretty tight as a band and I thought each member of the group was impressive or intriguing in their own way. Judging by the comments being shouted by certain members of the crowd it would appear the drummer (Cameron Collbeck)already seems to have his own fan club.

I noticed a tendency for songs with one word titles (Information, Because and Meanwhile) and all the songs were short and sweet.
I must admit I struggled to hear the lyrics but I know one of the songs is about Dionysus the Greek god of wine making and fertility. And I’m fairly sure I also heard something along the lines of “I wake up and don’t whether to laugh or cry.”
As tonight was an Xmas themed evening, each band added a classic Christmas tune to their set list. The Family bucket opted for “I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus.” I didn’t like their take on this track as much as the version by The Ronettes but it was entertaining none the less.

Lead guitarist Jim Aucutt shouts rather than sings and on one song he actually barks like a dog and bass player Alex Weeks held the whole thing together. I thought the whole set was brilliant from start to finish and I see a lot of potential in this band.
I don’t know if a Kentucky Fried Chicken Family Bucket is a bargain or a rip off but tonight’s performance was priceless.

Text by Harry Pye 2017
Photos by Alex Wojcik 2017

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