Sunday, 7 August 2016

Josephine Pryde by Astrid Horkheimer

Through photography and installation Josephine Pryde (born in Alnwick, 1967), explores the very nature of image making and display. She is fascinated by the relationship between art and photography, of art as commodity and of the seductive qualities of the wider art world. Her work often calls into question the conventions of the gallery and the complex networks of the art world. Josephine Pryde is an artist who never fails to surprise her audience. Her works embrace moments of beauty – the shimmering surfaces of fabric, portraits of staged personas, or frozen images of splashing liquids. On first glance, the conventions of commercial and artistic photography seem to apply to these images, but on closer viewing, there are cues that subtly question the very visual language that she uses and references. This time last year she had a solo show in San Francisco entitled "Lapses in Thinking By The Person I Am." The exhibition featured a fully functional model model freight train which visitors could ride through the gallery. Josephine Pryde is the artist I want to see win this year's Turner Prize. 

Text by Astrid Horkheimer ( 2016)

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